5630 Series - Surface Vertical Rod

5630S 5630F

5630S Panic-Rated SVR Exit Device

5630F Fire-Rated SVR Exit Device

5630 series are surface vertical rod exit devices to be used on all types of wide stile single and double doors where two-point latching are required. 5630 Series are available in a variety of finishes to match any design style.



UL Listed: UL listed as Panic Exit Hardware or 3-hour Fire Exit Hardware

ASNI Certified: Devices are ANSI A156.3-2008, Grade 1



  • For use on all single doors or double doors where two-point latch is desirable (inactive leaf of double door in specialty). (Fire rated device must use on 4' x 8' single or 8' x 8' double fire labeled doors).
  • Fits for 1 3/4" (44mm) thick standard RHR or LHR hollow metal doors & wood doors, other than standard 1 3/4" is available but specify door thickness when ordered
  • Minimum Stile width: 3 1/2" (90mm)

  • Designed for wide stile doors
  • High shock-resistant latching mechanical design for protection from vandalism
  • All inside components are made of high rust-resistant alloy or heavily electroplated steel, no corrosion is concerned
  • Baked powder coating, electroplated, or architectural base material finish on all exposed surfaces are available for users choice

Device Head Cover:     Stainless steel, nonferrous alloy

Chassis:                        Steel, plated

Mechanism Housing:   Steel, stainless steel

Push Bar:                      Steel, stainless steel

End Cap:                       Steel, or stainless steel

Latch Bolt:                    100% stainless steel, deadlocking type, 1/2" (13mm) throw

Latch Case Covers:      Steel, stainless steel

Vertical Rod:                  Tubular aluminum with rod guides

Strikes:                           Top 534, Bottom 537

Handing:                        Non-handed

Mounting Fasteners:    Machine screws furnished standard

                                        Sex Nut and Bolt (SNB) are required to use for wood doors. Order SNB separately

Dogging:                        Hex key dogging standard (Allen-type key furnished)

Dogging Options:         Cylinder dogging (CD) or Less dogging (LD)

Finish:                            605, 630, 689, 690 finishes

Dimension:                    Short: 20-15/32” (520mm),

                                        Long: 24-31/32” (640mm)

Device Length:              Short: 33-15/32” (850mm),

                                        Long: 44-3/4” (1137mm)

Projection:                     Neutral: 2-7/16” (520mm),

                                        Depressed: 1-11/16” (43mm)

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