5610 Series - Rim

5610S 5610F

5610S Panic-Rated Rim Exit Device

5610F Fire-Rated Rim Exit Device

5610 series are rim exit devices to be used on single doors or pairs of doors with mullion. It is designed for commercial applications, such as train stations, airports, office buildings, schools, and medical facilities. 5610 series are available in a variety of finishes to match any design style.



UL Listed: UL listed as Panic Exit Hardware or 3-hour Fire Exit Hardware

ASNI Certified: Devices are ANSI A156.3-2008, Grade 1



  • Non-handed design for easy installation
  • For use on single doors or double doors with mullion (Fire rated device must use on 4' x 8' single or 8' x 8' double fire labeled doors)
  • Fits for 1 3/4" (44mm) thick standard RHR or LHR hollow metal doors & wood doors, other than standard 1 3/4" is available but specify door thickness when ordered
  • Minimum Stile width: 3 1/2" (90mm)

  • Designed for wide stile doors
  • High shock-resistant latching mechanical design for protection from vandalism
  • All inside components are made of high rust-resistant alloy or heavily electroplated steel, no corrosion is concerned
  • Baked powder coating, electroplated, or architectural base material finish on all exposed surfaces are available for users choice

Device Head Cover:     Stainless steel, nonferrous alloy

Chassis:                        Steel, plated

Mechanism Housing:   Steel, stainless steel

Push Bar:                      Steel, stainless steel

End Cap:                       Steel, or stainless steel

Latch Bolt:                    100% stainless steel, deadlocking type, 11/16" (17mm) throw

Deadlocking Latch:      100% stainless steel 5/8"(16mm) throw

Strikes:                           531 & 532 Rim (panic rated) 533 Rim (fire rated)

Handing:                        Non-handed

Mounting Fasteners:    Machine screws furnished standard

                                        Sex Nut and Bolt (SNB) are required to use for wood doors. Order SNB separately

Dogging:                        Hex key dogging standard (Allen-type key furnished)

Dogging Options:          Cylinder dogging (CD) or Less dogging (LD)

Finish:                             605, 630, 689, 690 finishes

Dimension:                     Short: 20-15/32” (520mm),

                                         Long: 24-31/32” (640mm)

Device Length:               Short: 33-15/32” (850mm),

                                         Long: 44-3/4” (1137mm)

Projection:                      Neutral: 2-7/16” (520mm),

                                         Depressed: 1-11/16” (43mm)

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