F91 Double Cylinder Lock





Dead locking latch bolt operated by lever from either side except when both levers are locked by turning key from either side. Latch bolt is automatically dead locked when door is closed.

  • 5100 Standard - Certificated by ANSI 2-2003.
  • UL listed - Meet UL 3 hours fire rating.
  • 6-Pin cores with the capacity to retrofit all 6-Pin best style locksets.
  • Wide variety of compatible locksets for other famous brands like Schlage, Arrow, Best, Falcon & KSP.
  • Clutch Function: The exterior lever have releasing to prevent heavy impact while pressing the lever at locking position.
  • Roller Retractor: The Retractor equipped with roller to enchance the mechanical reliability & durability.
  • Finishes: US26D, US32D
  • Lever: zinc, 4 29/32” (125mm) From Lock center to Lever end
  • Rose: Φ 3 17/32” (90mm).
  • Door thickness: 1”-3/8 ~ 2” (35~51mm)
  • Backset: 2 23/64” or 2 3/4” (60mm or 70mm)
  • Concealed Screws: The screws are hidden (concealed), not exposed at exterior side.

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