FR8 Fingerprint Mortise Door Lock

   ●  Various Access

       Fingerprint, Pin Code, Key Override

   ●  Various Unlocking Modes:

       Single fingerprint, pin code, pin code + fingerprint

   ●  Higher Security Access Option:

       Dual fingerprints verified from 2 users

   ●  ANSI Mortise Lock

      US ANSI Grade 1 

      UL 10C – 3 hours fire rating


 Fingerprint module fits in 360 degree rotate angle.


 Automatic Locking

 You can set the automatic locking time from 2 to 9 seconds.


 Wrong Entry Limit

 After entering wrong user code at 10 attempts, the touch screen will shut down for 14 minutes.


 Guest Mode

 It can set unlocking time from 1 to 999 minutes. The lock will be automatically locked after setting time is over.


 Low Battery Warning

 The lock will beep 3 times of warning. 

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