R8-DIP Smart Mortise Door Lock

   ●  Various Access:

       Bluetooth (KevLok App), Pin Code, Mifare Card, Key Override

   ●  Available for both ANSI and EN mortise lockset

   ●  ANSI Mortise Lock

      US ANSI Grade 1

      UL 10C – 3 hours fire rating

   ●  EN Mortise Lock

      Security: unlock the lock by turning key and pressing down lever


      EN 179:2008 - Emergency exit

      EN 1634-1:2004 – Fire rated up to 4 fours

      EN 12209:2003/ AC:2005 - Building hardware. Lock and latches.
      Mechanically operated lock, latches, and locking plates

      EN14846:2008 - Building hardware. Lock and latches.

 Automatic Locking

 You can set the automatic locking time from 2 to 9 seconds.


 Responsive Touch Screen

 Capacitive touch screen gives agile touching feedback.


 Unlock with Fake Code

 It can prevent user code from exposure to strangers.


 Wrong Entry Limit

 After entering wrong user code at 10 attempts, the touch screen will shut down for 14 minutes.


 Guest Mode

 It can set unlocking time from 1 to 999 minutes. The lock will be automatically locked after setting time is over.


 Low Battery Warning

 The touch screen will show a digit for reference of how many times left to unlock the lock. Also it will beep 3 times of warning.