Powerjack STA Wireless Power & Data Transfer


   ●  The only one solution to transfer power and signals wirelessly.

   ●  No more wires intrude to walls nore to drill doors.

   ●  Eliminates a power transfer hinge.

   ●  RFID technology.

   ●  Flexible for mounting in various points of the door.



   ●  Fit all kinds of doors: wooden door, aluminum door, steel door. 

   ●  Wireless transferring power and data signals between a door and frame.

   ●  For fail secure devices.


 Door Position Status

 Ability to monitor max 2 signals.

 More signals upon customized request.

 Unlocking timer 3 seconds, or 0-91 seconds.


  Power Output

  500mA @ 12VDC, or 250mA @ 24VDC